Vertical wrapping

Vertical Packaging Machines

Vertical Form Fill Seal packaging machines (VFFS packaging machine) are widely used in almost every industry like the flow pack wrapping machines. They are built in extremely compact structure and with simple operation system attached. Max. 300 bags per minute, they are fast and reliable in all kind of materials vertical packaging process.

  • Equipped with coding adjustment and color code tracking adjustment functions, film shortage alarm.

  • Stainless steel or carbon steel frame, blue see-through or transparent plexiglass door for selection.

  • Special electric cabinet.

  • 7 inches true color touch screen.

  • Front door open shutdown protection.

Features of Vertical Packaging Machine

multi head weigher

Multihead Weighing Machine

  • Using high-precision, high-standard sensors
  • Factory parameter setting recovery function, multi-stage weight calibration avaiable
  • Automatically pause when there is material shortage to guarantee the weighing more stable and precise
  • 100 kind of parameter settings storable
  • The amplitude of each line can be adjusted independently during operation to guarantee the feeding more uniform
  • Multiple languages are available for selection, easy to operate and maintenance

Weighing Filling Packaging Machine

  • PLC touch screen control, fault display and alarm functions included.

  • Automatic bag forming by the vertical film former core device.

  • Continuous heating on the sealing roller, the sealing temperature is controllable.

  • Material clamping shutdown protection.

  • The film is stretched by servo driven synchronous belt and the bevel gear transmission mode is adopted.

Vertical wrapping machine
Vertical wrapping system

Automatic Weighing & VFFS System

  • Fully automatic products supplying, accurate weighing, vertical filling, bag forming and sealing, date printingprocess.
  • Servo driven film feeding system, accurate postioning functions.
  • Automatic rectifying system guarantees high efficient and reliable production.
  • Advanced alarming system to protect the entire packaging system.