Chocolate balls foil wrapping

Chocolate Balls Wrapping Machine

Chocolate balls wrapping machine is designed for foil wrapping spherical products, such as chocolate balls, chocolate eggs, chocolate football, and many other spherical  hard candies.

It is built with automatic feeder thus the machine itself can catch the candies smoothly and feed them to the gripper of foil wrapping core.

Precise products tracking system and foil cutting system attached to guarantee the entire wrapping speed fast and smooth.

Features of Balls Foil Wrapping Machine

Chocolate balls foil wrapping
  • Fully automatic wrapping process
  • PLC touch screen control / Knobs control for selection
  • High accuracy tracking system to supply products.
  • Color mark recognizing sensor guarantees your logo in the centre.
  • Maximum wrapping speed: 150pcs/min
Chocolate balls foil wrapping
Chocolate balls foil wrapping