pouch bags filling and sealing machine

Pouch packaging machine

Pouch packaging machine is new innovation in the flexible packaging industry, it is ideal for various kinds of premade bags, such as stand-up pouch bags, Stabilo bags, gusset bags, etc.

The premade bags rotary packing system is built with 8 working stations that enable a fully automatic process of giving premade bag, coding date, opening the bag, filling and vibrating objects, removing dust, sealing bag, and discharging the final bags on the discharging conveyor.

Premade bags packaging machine is capable of filling and packaging liquid, powder, granules, sauce, coffee, rice, chocolate drops and many other foodstuffs.

Differing from the traditional vertical pack and sealing equipment, the pouch bag filling and packaging machine is ideal for the increased capacity need. It is capable of continuously packing maximum 80 big bags per minute.

Specifications of the premade pouch packing machine

pouch bags packing machine

Capacity: Up to 80 bags per minute.

Filling/dosing volume: 5-2500grams each stroke.

Rotary pouch packaging machine total power: 3.3kw

Dimension: 1460*2500*1400mm

Premade bag width: 55-200mm / 2-7.9inches

Bag length: ≤ 350mm / ≤ 13.8inches

Principle of Premade pouch bag packing machine

Rotary premade pouch packaging machines
  • Premade bags stack in magazine cell and auto-adjusting guides ensure a precise bag loading position.
  • The pouch bag is transferred from the auto-load magazine to the bag carrier and will be tightly gripped by the two side claws.
  • The vacuum suction nozzle will open the pouch bag zipper, make it ready for coming object filling.
  • Rotary working station brings the pre-opened bag under the infeed/dosing system for precisely filling products.
  • Pouch will be tightly sealed with hot bars then be released at the discharging conveyor.
Rotary pounch packing flowchart

Ancillary equipment for rotary pouch packaging machine

multi head weigher

We offer standard infeed systems such as multi-head weigher, auger filler, volumetric cup dosing device, liquid delivering pump, and other dosing equipment.

Multi-head weigher is most selected for granules like chocolate drops filling.

  • Dosing range from 15-3000grams each cycle.
  • Dosing accuracy of 0.5-2grams depends on the objects.
  • Optional Teflon coating to prevent sticking products on the weigher hopper.
  • Flexible weighing speed controlled.
  • 1.6L big loading hopper.
  • 10inches intelligent touch screen with recipes editing functions.
SS304 operating platform

Customized SS304 operating platform with ladders and safety guiding bars.

Z shaped bucket elevator lifting machine

Bucket elevator for delivering granules to the top of the filling equipment.

Auger screw feeder machine

Auger screw feeder for delivering powdered products.

Bag sample for pouch bag packaging machine

premade bags sample

Working video