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Chocolate Flow Wrapping Machine

APZB chocolate flow wrapping machine is a unique horizontal flow pack packaging machine ideal for packaging solid food products with regular shape, such as chocolate bar, chocolate block, biscuit, wafer, candies, bread, cakes, and other stuffs,this machine has a flexiable wrapping speed of 0-230 bags per minute. It is fitted with zigzag blades and mounted on wheels with screw-down anchor feet.
This flow pack packaging machine can be matched with various feeding system like automatic conveyor aligner feeder, cookies magazine feeder and vibration bowl feeder.

Features of Chocolate Flow Pack Packaging Machine

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Standard parts of flow wrapper

  • 220volts-50/60hertz
  • Precisely photoelectric tracking system.
  • Flexible length of packing.
  • Variable packing speed via electric controller.
  • Intelligent product wrap counter.
  • Fitted with zig-zag knives.
  • End of wrapping material sensor.
  • Wrapping Material: CPP/PET/CPP/BOPP
  • Mounted on wheels with screw-down anchor feet.
  • Painted frame, food contact parts made of stainless steel.

Optional parts of flow wrapper

  • Date printer.
  • Various automatic feeding system.
  • Automatic hole puching device.
  • Nitrogen gas filling device.
  • Higher grade stainless steel version available.
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