Chocolate coins wrapping machine

Basic parameters:

  • Capacity: 55-120 ppm
  • Foil thickness: 0.04-0.05mm
  • Power: 1.8kw-380volts-50hz-3phases
  • Dimension: 1800x1650x1850mm
  • External air source: 0.4-0.6mpa

Chocolate coin wrapping machine is the perfect equipment for continuously packaging and embossing patterns on the round and square shaped chocolate coins.

It adopts precise high-speed cam transmission mechanism and reasonable mechanical design to improve the production efficiency and stability of the whole machine operation

The machine is built with a manual chocolate feeding tray for default, operator put chocolates on the vertical coins loading tube, chocolate will be automatically fed inside the machine and wrapped with foils from top and bottom part, then the core mold could stamp patterns directly on the chocolate as well as the top and bottom foil wrappers. Coins foil wrapping and patterns stamping is proceeded at a glance.

Features of the Coins wrapping machine

  • Intelligent Panasonic PLC and color mark sensors installed to realize automatic foil correction and accurate positioning for colorful foil wrapper.
  • Panasonic HMI realizes man-machine interactive work, displaying in English and Chinese, easy for setting recipes and operating.
  • Automatic stop foil feeding while shortage of chocolates.
  • Mechanic patterns stamping forming system for default.
chocolate coins foil wrapping machine
chocolate coins foil wrapping machine
  • Schneider electric components.
  • Main transmission parts are automatically lubricated.
  • Optional hydraulic stamping system.
  • Optional automatic chocolates feeder.
  • Foil wrapping, cutting and stamping in one step.
  • Automatic cheap coin wrapping machine for sale.

Ultimate guide for making chocolate coins

1 - What shaped chocolates is available to be foil wrapped and stamped with patterns?

Chocolate coins samples

The common chocolate coin is round or rectangular shape, however our coins wrapping machine is capable of wrapping other irregular shapes like heart and fishes.

The coins top and bottom side could be same pattern or different patterns as required.

2 - How to get these chocolate coins?

The most ecomonic way to get chocolate coins is using the automatic chocolate molding line or the one shot chocolate bar depositor machine.

Chocolate moulding machine is widely used for continuously making chocolate bars – Chocolate will be deposited into the polycarbonate chocolate molds and then transferred into cooling tunnel for forming the desired shapes. It could be square, rectangular, round, and many other given shapes.

There is another chocolate punching line suitbale for mass producing chocolate coins.

Chocolate will be fed on a conveyor with a blade sits at its entrance position, chocolate spread evenly on the conveyor to create a long sheet of chocolate layer, the blade level could be adjust to get a specific thickness of this chocolate layer.

As the conveyor moves through a cooling tunnel, chocolate will be cooled from liquid to soft solid status, a unique spring-loaded cutter will punch out round or rectangular shaped chocolate coin blanks, operators could collect these chocolate blanks on top of the cutter tubes. 

Leftover chocolate will be transferred back to chocolate melting machine so not a crumb of chocolate will be wasted.

3 - Pros and Cons of Chocolate molding line and Chocolate coin blanks punching line

Chocolate molding line


  • Much more affordable price
  • The line could be used for producing other molded chocolate products through changing the molds
  • Could be built in fully automatic line or semi-automatic line for small facility


  • Final coins top and bottom side is not purely flat
  • Final coins may have slightly thickness error
  • Chocolates may be broken during demolding process

Chocolate coin blanks punching line


  • Final products have perfect shape as desired
  • Chocolate thickness is evenly and could be adjusted in real-time
  • Nearly 100% yield


  • Much higher building cost
  • The line could be used for making coins only, not suitable for making molded chocolates
  • The conveyor may be damaged easily after years operation and the changeover is a bit difficult

4 - How to wrap coins and print patterns on them

How to print some chocolate money?

To do this the machine should wrap the chocolate coin blanks first, and then embossed both side of the chocolate blank simultaneously.

Here is how it works:

Coins foil wrapping cut
Coins embossing die heads

Two sheet of glossy foil wrapper travel between rollers establish an even tension.

A forked arm moves chocolate coin blanks between the two foil sheets.

Piston-like knives move in to wrap cut and fold the foil around the coin blanks.

The forked arm then delivers the foil wrapped chocolate blanks to die pressing heads back and forth, as there are two set of die pressing heads beside the tubular foil knives, the die heads stamp designs on both side of coin blanks, making an impression on the foil through to the chocolates.

Coins discharging conveyor
Wasted foils sent out

Final chocolate coins will be spilled out onto a conveyor, while the foil discards will be sent out for recycling.

The machine could make 150,000 foil wrapped coins every single day.

To change the coins patterns, the operator could simply switch the die heads.

Chocolate coins can be made in many sizes with a wide range, but the coin wrapping machine itself comes with one size only.

5 - Equipment specifications

The coin wrapping machine is built to use 380volts-50hz-3phases A.C power for default, customized 3 phases power is available. Total power 1.8kw.

The machines is made of SS304 and painted iron plates, optional fully SS304 structure is available.

Diameter 20-42mm small coins

Wrapping speed: 100-120ppm

Diameter 43-80mm big coins

Wrapping speed: 55-60ppm

Coins pressing die molds patterns

The patterns pressing die molds could be built with one same pattern only, or maximum 4 or 8 different patterns in the same time.

6 - How many operators required

Each operator could manage one set of chocolate coins foil wrapping and embossing machine if it is feeding chocolate by manual way, the operator could manage maximum two or three set of coins wrapping machine if the foil wrapping machine is equipped with automatic rotate coins feeder.

The upstream chocolate coins making line including chocolate refining conches, holding tank, tempering machine, molding line or punching line, these equipment need 3 operators to standby.

7 - Technical support and aftersales warranty guide from MK Food Machinery

MK Food Machinery offers 12 months quality warranty since installation, any failure caused due to quality reason will be covered for free cost. 

Besides that, we offer 20 hours free on-line guide for installation and staff training, as well as observing service on first switch of mass production.

Overseas service is available only if the buyer bear all of the cost including round-trip flight tickets, accommodation, foods, emergency medical services and service fees.