We offer you all kinds of intelligent chocolate packaging machines to connect with upstream chocolate-making machines, including chocolate flow pack wrapping machines (HFFS); chocolate foil wrapping machines; single or double twist wrapping machines; vertical packaging machines; sticks packaging machines; pre-made pouch bags packaging machines; chocolate coins wrapping machine, and many more.​


Premade pouch bags packaging machine

Ideal packaging solution for granules, power, and liquid.


Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

Rapid foil wrapping machine for chocolates, candies and tablets.

Chocolate flow pack wrapping machine

Chocolate Flow Packaging Machine

High speed flow pack wrapping chocolate bars and other regular candies.

Round lollipop single twist wrapping machine

Round lollipop twist wrapping machine

Affordable single twist wrapping machine for round lollipops

Chocolate vertical packaging machine

Chocolate vertical packaging machine

Designed for wrapping tiny chocolate products like chocolate drops and coins

chocolate balls wrapping machine

Chocolate balls foil wrapping machine

Suitable for rapid foil wrapping spherical chocolate products

candy foil wrapping machine with feeder

Chocolate Twist Wrapping Machine

Single or Double twisting wrapping chocolate

Chocolate coins foil wrapping machine

Coin Chocolate Wrapping Machine

Aluminum oil wrapping coins firstly, engaving your logo or any other words on foils at final.