JM500B Chocolate Conching Machine

Two JM500B chocolate conching machine has been inspected by Thailand client and ready for shipping with another two set of chocolate delivery pump.

JM500B chocolate conching machine is built with a heavy duty gear transmission box, whose price is much cheaper compared with traditonal copper worm-wheel transmission box in the JM500A chocolate conche machine.

This unique gear box allows us to install an independent small motor beside which makes the conche blades tensioning process fully automatic controlled through the panel.

On the contrary, the JM500A chocolate conche is built with a big hand wheel and requires an experienced operator to manually control the blades tensioning process. 

As every chocolate maker known, chocolate conching is a long process of chocolate raw stuffs mixing, agitaging, scraping, polishing and cocoa butter evenly distribution, as well as release of volatiles, acids and oxidation through the frictions between blades and lining ribs. Both of our JM500A and JM500B chocolate conching machine are excellent choice for industrial scale chocolate fine grinding purpose. With the JM series chocolate conche machines you can easily fine grind all particles of the liquid chocolate raw mixtures within 8-20 hours, to produce an even extremely smooth texture, in which no grit taste will be detected on one’s tongue.

Tips: Combined work with QM series chocolate ball mill machine could significantly accelerate the chocolate grinding process and reduce the total duration into 3 hours only!