Granule sprinkling machine

Granule sprinkling machine is built to meet the growing demand in the food pastry industry.

Our SGR series granules / seeding sprinkling machines always consist of a conveyor, an elevator for seeds lifting, a seeds sprinkling head which’s mounted on top of the conveyor, and a unique collecting conveyor to garther and deliver extra granules fall through the conveyor back for recylcing. Granule products like sugars, nuts, dired herbs, breadcrumbs and various seeds such as sesame can be evenly sprinkled on top of the products by using these SGR series seeding sprinkling machines.

Recently, we just completed one more new SGR-600 granule sprinkling machine to our Chinese client.

This granules sprinkler machine is made of customized soft wire strips conveyor, it is special for spraying cracked nuts on top of big size chocolate covered cakes.

Attached with granules lifting and funnel collecting devices, it is capable of continuously spraying and recycling nuts on the products after chocolate coating.

Independent control box guarantees the spraying process easily controlled and variable speed adjustment suitable to synchronously work with chocolate decorating machine and chocolate enrobing line.