Conche refiner worked for 10 years

Can’t fall asleep even after a busy day’s work to help a customer on the installment of chocolate machines, just seeing an old friend stay online, who ever purchased chocolate conche refiner from us 10 years ago, so i say hello to him and continue the discussion on a new project. 

Thinking of the question asked by another customer today – How long can our machines last exactly? So i simply ask the similar thing with this old friend. 

Chocolate conche refiner machine is built with blades and lining bars inside the jacketed cylinder, it is the continuous frictions between blades and lining bars that fine grind chocolate raw materials into 20-25 microns level. It is a normal thing that all the blades and lining bars need to be replaced after 4-8 years continuous working. The blades/ling bars life cycle is determined by the operation ways (Gentle or Violent) and the maintenance level, no doubt my friend treated the conche refiner really good through all these 10 years and i am pretty sure it can still work for another 10 years.