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Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

Foil wrapping machine, also known as chocolate fold wrapping machine, is an ideal equipment specially designed for fold wrapping various shape of candy and chocolate which has flat bottom, such as cubed, square, rectangular, heart, oblong and hemispherical shape products.

This ZB-120 fold wrapping machine is capable of wrapping 120 pieces candies per minute with manual or automatic feed. 

Its wrapping speed is variable controlled by an inverter unit.

This machine comes set for one size, the available size ranges are: Length 20-60mm, Width 18-36mm, Height 6-25mm.

Features of Chocolate Foil Fold Wrapping Machine

  • Fitted with customized manually fed chain conveyor for transferring products through the fold wrapping core.

  • Precisely reliable photoelectric tracking system.

  • Flexible length of the wrapping paper can be set as required.

  • Variable wrapping speed from 50 to 120 pieces per minute.

  • Intelligent product wrapping counter.

  • Thermostat heat sealing system.

  • Full automatic lubrication on transmission mechanism.

  • Hinged wrapping core hood eliminates injuries during production.

  • Intelligent PLC touch screen control

  • Multi-functional wrapping ways such as single layer and double layer paper wrapped at the same time.

  • All parts contact food adopts hygienic food grade materials

  • Wrappers perfectly fit on the chocolate products