Sugar grinder

Sugar Grinder

Sugar grinder machine is designed to crush dry materials in the food industry such as sugar. Fine ground sugar powder guarantees short dissolving times during chocolate conching and chocolate ball milling process, it can also be used as sprinkles to decorate delicious desserts.

This universal sugar grinding machine has a compact structure, which is composed of a heavy-duty motor, machine base, main shaft, movable plate (Hammer / Pin style), fixed plate, feeding hopper, and a dust collector (optional).  The movable plate is fixed on the main shaft and can be driven by motor. The fixed plate is installed on the front cover and can be locked in a fixed position. All internal parts of sugar grinder are easily accessible for maintenance or replacement.

Motor drives the movable plate to rotate at a high speed. Frictions between the movable plate and fixed plate can quickly crush materials into microns-level powder. The crushed material is filtered by stainless steel mesh screen with different apertures. The thick material will continue to be ground.

Different size powder can be obtained by replacing filters with different apertures.

Features of FT series Sugar Grinding Machine

Sugar grinder
  • Built in SUS304.
  • Crimped discharging mouth guarantees the powder collecting bag can be bound tightly.
  • Materials feeding opening is enlarged to facilitate the input of raw materials
  • Material falling controller attached under the feeding hopper, operator can freely control the speed of material falling.
  • Handwheel cover locking device to ensure safety
  • Jacketd structure of main housing allows cold water to quickly take away the machine heat.
  • Universal feet attached, the machine can be moved freely.
  • Double seals in the crushing chamber prevents material from leakage.
  • Different types of movable plate such as hammer and pin type.
  • Dynamic balance test of movable plate before delivery to ensure high-speed operation stability.
Pin hammer sugar grinder

Optional selections for Sugar grinder machine

Sugar grinder
  • Different mesh screens (20-200meshes) .
  • Explosion-proof motor.
  • Dust-proof chamber.