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Pocky Stick Chocolate Dipping Machine

Pocky stick chocolate dipping machine is specially built for dipping chocolate onto biscuit sticks like Pocky.

This production line is composed of one set chocolate dipping line which attach dipping devices onto a cooling tunnel, one set biscuit sticks stacker machine, one set clip tools recycler machine, two set of chocolate tanks, two pumps, jacket pipework and hundreds of biscuit stick clip tools.

  • Single-color/Double-color/Nuts-mixed chocolate dipping for selection.

  • Flexible length of this line to suit your workshop.

  • 10-15 biscuit sticks dipping in one minute, 25-30 pcs sticks per dipping.

  • 100 pieces biscuit stick clip tools for free.

  • Movable chocolate dipping reservoir.

  • Hinged lids type cooling tunnel makes the cleaning and maintenance easy and simple.

  • Water/Air-cooling condenser system for selection.

Pocky Stick Chocolate Dipping Machine

Fully Automatic Sticks Dipping Line

  • Automatic biscuit sticks feeding
  • Fully automatic sticks clipping
  • Chocolate dipping length controllable
  • Automatic granules sprinkling
  • Fast cooling¬†

Chocolate Tank

Chocolate holding tank is the necessary supporting equipment for supplying chocolate to the chocolate dipping line, we offer various capacities of chocolate holding tanks for your selection.

Chocolate lobe pump 0613

Chocolate Pump

Chocolate pump and the jacket pipework is also necessary for fully automatic operation, it will reduce the probability of polution caused by artificial handling of chocolate.