Sprinkling machine

Nuts Sprinkling Machine

Nuts sprinkling machine is a high-performance equipment designed for polydimensional sprinkling of products coated in chocolate or caramel. It is suitable for all dry and free flowing granules like chopped nuts, sesame, peanuts and cereals such as crisped rice and small cornflakes.

The granules can be delivered into the upper hopper by belt lifting machine, and then free to fall to form a granule curtain, granules will evenly stick on the chocolate coated products which’s passing through the curtain.
If desired, the sprinkling material can stick on the product base as well with the mesh conveyor’s horizontal reciprocating movement, it ensures all surfaces are evenly coated with granules.

An additional V-shape collecting tray installed under the mesh conveyor, with its help, the residual granules can be collected and reused.

Model of the Sprinkling machines

Sprinkling machine

Large Granules sprinkling machine

Industrial granule sprinkling machine, normally placed between the chocolate enrober and cooling tunnel, their mesh conveyor width can be customized from 400mm to 1200mm or even bigger. Fully automtic granule sprinkling system, continuously replenishment of granules is the only thing you need to worry about.

Chocolate decorator machine can be attached between this sprinkling machine and cooling tunnel, in which case the final products can get various shape of patterns on top.

Mini Sprinkling Machine

Mini granule sprinkle machine is most used for even spreading a variety of toppings over your product. 

Different from the large scale granule sprinkling machines, the mini sprinkling machine adopt PU belt conveyor, and it can simply attached over the infeed area of cooling tunnel , the toppings like chocolate chips, crushed nuts, non-pareils, coconut, colored sugar sprinklers, sesame, peanuts and other granules can be evenly sprinkled over the chocolate coated center.

Nuts Sprinkling machine