Chocolate tempering machine small size

Lab Chocolate Machines

Lab chocolate machines are featured products in our production range.

Chocolate making is a deep learning. There are countless chocolate artisans around the world dedicated to researching their own chocolate recipes. These small desktop devices are the best tools.

We have a dedicated team led by an experienced technician to produce these small equipment to suit the different needs of various customers.

Optional lab equipment

Mini cacao nibs stone grinder


Ideal small cacao nibs grinding equipment, perfect for bean to bar chocolate making business.

  • Capacity: 7L/25L/60L per batch
  • Chocolate refining duration: 18-48hours
  • Final fineness: 15-25microns
  • Wet nibs grinder
  • Variable grinding speed
  • Available for other beans and nuts fine grinding

Lab chocolate grinding machines

We offer customized 20L/50L chocolate conches, 5L/50L chocolate ball miller machines for grinding chocolate in your kitchen or workshop, as well as 5L/50L chocolate tanks. With them, you are free to develop and test your chocolate recipe without worrying about the chocolate losses caused by shifting formula in those large equipment.

Mini chocolate tempering machine

Mini tempering & Moulding Machine

XTW series mini tempering machines are equipped with an electric heater which can quickly melt chocolate to the set temperature, and after that chocolate will be driven by the plate to move up and down freely and naturally cooled by the environment air. You can easily put the chocolate mould under the discharging pipe and full the cavities.

XTW-5/15 can be equipped with independent vibrating table aside, which allows you to vibrate the air bubbles out from chocolate bars.

XTW-30/XTW-60 models are multi-purpose machines with the vibrating table attached as default and can be removed anytime so you can put the affiliated enrobing unit on its table, with this enrobing unit, you can cover chocolate on cookies or whatever your desires, products will travel on a stainless steel wire mesh conveyor and are covered by a curtain of chocolate. The XTW-30/60 can coats top and bottom at the same time or top/bottom only by adjusting the coating device.