Using cocoa fat melting machine / chocolate melting machine to rapidly melt cocoa fat and chocolate chips.


Cocoa Fat Melting Machine

Cocoa fat melting machine is built with water jacketed cylinder, removable quick heat-released melting grid and an optional cocoa fat stirring system.
The jacketed cylinder is heat insulated and with eletric heaters immerged inside.
The melting grid is build into modular structure, the grid allows to be easily removed for cleaning inside the tank.
Thanks to this unique melting grid with hot water circulation, the melting tank is able to quickly melt big blocks of solid cocoa fat and cocoa liquor into liquid form, so that the raw mixtures for making chocolate won’t damage the blades of chocolate conching machine.
Artisans usually use this small chocolate melting machine to fast melt chocolate chips / chocolate buttons which purchased from local market.

Rectangular Chocolate Fat Melting Tank

chocolate-melting-tank (1)

Standard rectangular shape chocolate fats melting tank, water pump attached for warm water recycling, agitator is not available.

chocolate-melting-tank (2)

Hinged lids supported by steel rods or optional hydraulic rods. Running water pipeworks goes inside the container for directly melting solid cocoa fat, chocolate blocks, and chocolate chips.

Round Chocolate Chips Melting Tank


Premium model round chocolate melting tank with agitator installed inside and water circulating pump attached by side. Sand blasting surface treatment for selection.


High flowing rate water pump guarantees water flow as fast as possible to deliver the heat. Extra chocolate lobe pump available to be attached for rapid tranfer chocolate to conching refiner. 

Multiple-Container Chocolate Fat Melting Tank

chocolate-fat-melting-tank (6)
  • All of the cocoa butter melting tanks are made of food grade stainless steel #304/316.
  • Temperature controllable.
  • Water circulating pump attached.
  • Removable hot water circulation grid attached inside the cocoa fat melting tank.
  • Optional glass wool for selection to ensure power saving and protect operators from hot surface of the tank.
  • Rectangular and Round shape cocoa butter melting tank for selection.
  • Optional top driven gate type stirring system installed on the round shape cocoa butter melter machine.
  • Customized capacity/size available.