Chocolate tempering machine

Chocolate Tempering Machine

The chocolate tempering machine is the core equipment for making real chocolate products, chocolate is going to form the most ideal and stable crystal after going through the tempering areas inside tempering machines, the performance of the final chocolate product is more stable, which’s suitable for long-term storage, the surface of the product is glossy and chocolate tastes crisp.

Commercial tempering machine

Commercial chocolate tempering unit is ideal for manual chocolate moulding, dipping, and cake decorating. Undercarriage on casters and independent vibrating table is available.

  • Omron/Autonics digital temperature control
  • Capacity of 8 to 60 litres of melted chocolate
  • Made of SUS304
  • No tools required for cleaning
  • Easy for maintenance
  • Reliability and simplicity of the wheel system
  • Independent vibrating table for selection
  • Transparent PMMA or stainless steel lid for selection.

Pedal tempering machine

The pedal controlled commercial chocolate tempering machine, ideal for commercial level chocolate tempering which is similar as the wheel tempering machine. Differs from the wheel tempering units, pedal tempering machine is built with intelligent PLC controlling system, built-in tiny refrigerating unit to rapidly and precisely cool down chocolate to target lower temperature.

  • Accurate tempering results
  • Easy for operation and changeover
  • Chocolate dosing plate available
  • Wire conveyor and belt conveyor for enrobing
  • Entire machine sits on castors
pedal tempering machine
Industrial chocolate tempering machine

Industrial tempering

This industrial scale continuous chocolate tempering equipment consists of jacketed tempering tubes, water cooling system and small chocolate tank which attached with a chocolate pump. The temperature control of chocolate mass is realized by PT-100 thermal sensors and monitored through PID type temperature controller.

  • Completely made of SUS 304 food grade stainless steel.

  • Water jacketed structure wherever contact chocolate mass.

  • Individual water heating and cooling system for tempering tubes.

  • Internal cold-water reservoir.

  • Scrapping paddles attached inside of all the tempering tubes.

  • Internal chocolate pumping system for chocolate mass circulation.