Semi automatic chocolate filling machine

Chocolate spread machine

The complete chocolate spread machine is composed of two main parts – The paste processing equipment including the ball mill refiner and chocolate storing kettle, and the paste jars filling machine. With these machines and the unique formula you could create a sweet chocolate-flavored paste

We offer starter scale equipment for manually filling paste into the jars. As for automated production, many other ancillary chocolate machines are required, such as a chocolate pump which is used for delivering chocolate from the storing kettle to the paste automatic filling machine, an automatic jar raising machine to guarantee sanitary, an auto caps loader, capping machine, foil sealing machine, labeling machine, and final cartoning machine.

How is chocolate spread made

For a starter, a small lab or medium ball mill refiner machine, a chocolate holding tank, and a pedal-controlled chocolate paste filling machine is all you need.

Ball miller for chocolate paste

Medium size ball mill machines are ideal for entry-level chocolate paste production. It is compact equipment built with a jacketed ball milling chamber, a chocolate paste transferring pump for the paste self-circulating, and a magnetic filter to grab the metal debris.

  • 150kg/300kg/500kg/1000kg for selection
  • Chocolate lobe pump with variable speed control
  • 12000 gauses magnet bars

Chocolate storing tank

The storing tank is used for continuously mixing and blending chocolate paste to a more evenly texture, it holds chocolate paste at a given temperature and makes the paste ready for the further filling process.

  • 200kg/500kg/1000kg/2000kg or other customize capacity¬†
  • Motor mounted on top
  • Omron temperature controler
Pedal chocolate paste filling machine

Padel chocoate paste filling machine

Semi-automatic chocolate paste filling equipment, filling volume is padel controlled. This compact machine is ideal for manually dosing chocolate into many kinds of containers.

  • Heat insulation hopper
  • Stirring paddle inside the hopper
  • Pneumatic driving the dosing process
  • Accurate dosing volume
  • The operating table under the dosing nozzle
  • Made of SUS304

For automated paste production at a large daily capacity, a fully automatic pneumatic chocolate paste filling machine is required, as well as the other equipment besides the top-mentioned machines.

Caps feeder

Caps feeder

Capping machine

Capping machine

Round labeling machine

Round jars labeling machine

Complete automatic paste filling line

Auto chocolate paste filling line