Hollow chocolate bunny spinner

Hollow Chocolate Spinning Machine

Hollow chocolate egg spinner machine allows the hollow chocolate moulds to be fixed onto the spinning arms, which have four permanent magnetic fixing points. It is built with 1 bigger claws or 2 smaller ones in each arm that can hold 1 or 2 pieces of chocolate moulds. 8 or 16 pieces hollow chocolate mould could be held on it.

It is the ideal chocolate machine for producing hollow chocolate products like Easter eggs, balls, bunnies, bears, chocolate hearts, apples, Santa Claus etc.

Features of Hollow Chocolate Spinning Machine

Hollow chocolate eggs spinner

ZK16 Hollow Chocolate Spinner

This hollow chocolate egg spinning machine is equipped with three unique conical gear system, the main one is coupled with the main motor and reducer, two smaller one are connected to the spinning arms. This special system produces this spectacular omnidirectional movement. Besides that, this hollow chocolate making machine is with a Schneider/Bosch VFD, it ensures the spinning speed is totally controllable and the movement could be inverted under the timer’s regulation.

ZK8 Hollow Chocolate Egg Spinner

  • Cooling fans are fitted for ambient air cooling
  • 16/32 pieces of strong magnetic mould fixing points
  • Evenly chocolate shell will be formed by the hollow mould
  • Painted cast steel and Fully SS304 material for selection
  • Machine Size: 1200*900*1500mm
  • Weight: 750kg
Hollow chocolate bunny spinner

Affiliated Hollow Chocolate Moulds

These hollow chocolate moulds are two same moulds hinged together, with permanent strong magnetic fixing terminals immerged inside, the moulds will be closed tightly, without any risk of chocolate leakage during spinning process.

The long steel bars mounted on the mould edge guarantees the closed mould can be held steady by the spinner claws magnetic fixing points.