Rock chocolate making machine

Chocolate Rocks Machine

Chocolate rocks machine is an ideal equipment for making irregular chocolate rocks from solid compound chocolate blocks.

Equipped with chocolate block transfering conveyor and a unique synchronous rotating blade system, this machine is capable of chopping various size of chocolate stones.

Independent vibrating table attached with two different size aperture ensures the most suitable size chocolate rocks be picked out, larger or smaller particles could be delivered back to melting tank for recycling.

Features of Chocolate rock machine

Rock chocolate making machine

FS-275 rock chocolate machine

  • Built in food grade stainless steel 304/316.
  • Available for crushing different size chocolate blocks.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Capable of selecting most suitable size chocolate.
  • Protective cover attached prevent injury during operation.
  • Easy for cleaning and maintenance.


Chocolate molding line

Chocolate moulding machine

Chocolate moulding machine is the 1st equipment needed in producing chocolate rocks.

The rocks machine requires to load rectangular shape solid chocolate blocks, which are normally produced by the full automatic chocolate moulding machine, or one shot chocolate bar depositor and then forming solid shape by an independent chocolate cooling tunnel.

Chocolate coating machine

Chocolate coating machines are used for coating chocolate or sugar shell on the final products.

Moreover they can coat different colors and arabic gum which ensures chocolate rocks looks bright and stable.

small chocolate coating machin

Samples of Final Product