Chocolate transfer pump

Chocolate pump

The chocolate pump is widely used in the current industrial chocolate production.

Connecting with the chocolate delivery pipeline, the operator can freely transfer the melted raw chocolate mixture from the chocolate melting tank to the chocolate grinding equipment, such as the universal chocolate conche refiner and chocolate ball mill machine, and then deliver chocolate paste from the grinding equipment to chocolate storage tank and continuous tempering machine.

The well-tempered chocolate will be dispersed and transported to various chocolate forming lines, such as chocolate molding machines,  chocolate enrobing line, chocolate chips depositing line, chocolate coating machines, etc

Chocolate delivering pumps are ideal for all kinds of fluids, such as chocolate, syrup, jam, juice, fats, honey, hazelnut paste, palm oil, butter, dough, etc.

Lobe Chocolate Transfer Pump

  • The chocolate transfer pump blades are precisely machined, thus the blades fit together perfectly without gaps.
  • Flexible chocolate flowing rate range.
  • Hygienic safety guaranteed, no metal debris generated.
  • The front cover can be opened to clean the parts in contact with food.
  • CIP capability is possible.
  • Jacketed pump head allows hot water flows inside to maintain the temperature.
  • Optional variable speed controlled.
  • Forward and Reverse delivery.
  • Optional independent control box.
  • Optional cart for easy transportation.
Chocolate pump
Chocolate lobe pump working principle

Chocolate Gear Pump

  • Cheap prices.
  • Maximum working pressure 5bar.
  • Operating temperature max. 100 degrees.
  • Heatable jacketed pump head.
  • Bead blasting treatment for selection.
  • Height adjustable feet.
chocolate pump
Chocolate gear pump principle

Jacketed chocolate delivering pipework

Jacketed chocolate delivering pipework

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