Chocolate molding line

Chocolate Moulding Machine

Chocolate molding machines, also known as chocolate bar depositor, and chocolate moulding line, they are widely used in the  bulk producing industry of plain chocolate bar and central-filled chocolates. Their jacketed depositing hoppers are divided into two or three cabinets – One for the chocolate shell, the other for center soft fillings, and they could be all filled with chocolate while producing plain chocolate bars without soft fillings in the center.

Chocolate bar making machines allow you to manage an hourly production from 50 up to 500kg of the plain chocolate bar or central-filled chocolates. It is entirely made in SUS 304 stainless steel materials. Thanks to the unique chocolate and filling dispensing plate, the operator can freely switch between producing plain chocolate bars, filling chocolates, and other customized-shape chocolate by changing the chocolate dispensing and dosing plate.

We offer you three types of chocolate moulding machines:

  • Mini one shot chocolate depositor for artisan scale production.
  • Semi-automatic chocolate bar depositor with an independent single-layer chocolate cooling tunnel, which’s an ideal option for small and medium-size chocolate making businesses.
  • Fully automatic chocolate molding line with multiple layer rail conveyor cooling tunnel integrated into one body, specially designed and built for large-scale chocolate bars making industry.

Features of Chocolate molding machines

Chocolate molding line

One shot chocolate depositor

JZ-275 one shot chocolate depositor is the one we called a semi-automatic chocolate moulding machine, it is designed for small and medium scale chocolate bar or praline production and requires no shortage of people to operate the machine – Normally 3 operators are required to standby.

It has mould pre-heating, mould transferring, chocolate depositing and mould vibrating functions embedded in one body. With its chocolate dispensing system, it can be used for making plain chocolate bars and chocolate pralines with soft filling content of up to 30%, moreover the filling content will reach 50% if we adopt servo motors instead of ordinary pneumatic cylinders to drive the chocolate dispensing system.

Each piston inside the dispensing system can be individually adjusted where necessary.

Water inside the jacket of the hopper is heated by an electric element and self-circulated by a water pump.

Chain conveyor cooling tunnel

A chain conveyor-type cooling tunnel is mostly used to combine work with JZ-275 chocolate depositor or other depositors who have no cooling function.

It is entirely built in stainless steel SUS304.
All lids are jacketed structures with heat-insulating materials inside the layer, and all lids have stainless steel supporting bars which make cleaning work even more convenient.

Temperature and stainless steel rail conveyor running speed can be easily controlled by the control panel box attached.

Both single-layer or multiple layers conveyor cooling tunnels can be customized to meet your specific demands.

Chocolate molding line

Automatic chocolate molding line

A fully automatic chocolate molding machine has all the advantages of the JZ-275 chocolate moulding machine. The entire chocolate molding line sits on the multiple-layer chocolate cooling tunnel.

Besides all the functions of JZ-275, it also guarantees the production is more automated and with even higher capacity – Operators do not have to manually transfer the chocolate-filled molds from the chocolate bar depositor to the cooling tunnel, and the mold de-molding process is synchronous with machine’s other actions.

We also provide a chocolate aligning system and flow pack wrapping machine, or a fast fold wrapping machine to dock on the chocolate front discharging conveyor so the chocolate can be wrapped directly.

Chocolate molding line

280-320 pieces standard 330×200 mm or 510×200 mm polycarbonate chocolate molds are equipped in this amazing chocolate molding line.

Chocolate molding line

Multiple layer rail conveyor chocolate cooling tunnel allows the chocolates to stay inside the tunnel for 10-40 minutes, 20HP Emerson Colepand refrigerating system attached to this line guarantees fast cooling results.

Chocolate Mould

Transparent polycarbonate chocolate molds are used for forming the various shapes of chocolates, the molds could be a single piece for one shot chocolate depositor and be hooked on a fully automatic chocolate moulding line, they can also be made with two-piece magnet mold for making solid or hollow chocolate.