Chocolate mold

Polycarbonate chocolate mold

Chocolate mold is one kind of hollow container used to give shape to liquid chocolate when it cools and hardens. They are made from highly durable polycarbonate plastic, They feature superb detail inside the cavities. 

Hundreds of designs are available in various configurations to meet any chocolate confectionery need. Liquid chocolate will be deposited inside the empty cavities of the mold by the chocolate depositor machine, the total quantity of cavities in a mold determines how many finished chocolate pieces will be yielded each time that mold is filled.

Chocolate mold

Standard Chocolate Bar Molds

Standard bottom-flat polycarbonate chocolate molds, idea to attach them on the one shot chocolate depositor and chocolate molding line, as well as manually chocolate molding purpose.

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Hollow Chocolate Mould

Hollow moulds are expertly crafted to ensure ease of use.

Manufactured from food grade polycarbonate material, these moulds use high-strength magnets to create a very strong, dependable closure. Making hollow chocolate novelties has never been this easy and profitable.

Chocolate molds
Chocolate bar mold

How to clean the moulds

For cleaning mould, we do not recommend to use water or any abrasive detergent, water has a hydrolytic effect on polycarbonate, this effect is time and temperature dependent, with higher temperatures causing quicker degradation. Increasing pH values will also accelerate polymer degradation. We recommend limiting the wash temperature to a maximum of 140˚F (60˚C) if you can only clean the moulds with water.

Polycarbonate moulds should better be cleaned with dry kitchen towels until all chocolate is removed. If the chocolate is tempered correctly, most of the chocolate will be removable with a scraper and soft kitchen paper. If the residual chocolate can hardly be removed, operator could warm up the moulds again to melt chocolate and get rid of it easily, ensure the temperature less than 60˚C.