500kg chocolate mixer machine

Chocolate mixer machine

A chocolate mixer machine is mostly used in the current industrial chocolate-making industry, it is ideal for rapidly mixing all chocolate ingredients evenly before loading them into the chocolate grinding and refining equipment such as the chocolate conching machine and chocolate ball mill. These stainless steel horizontal chocolate mixers are capable of mixing cocoa powder, sugar powder, milk powder, or chocolate substitutes such as carob powder with all the other chocolate ingredients. Moreover, it could be used for making various kinds of powdered drinks, dry cocoa mixture products, and many more.

Features of Chocolate mixer machine

200kg U shaped shell chocolate mixer machine

U shaped chocolate premixer

This kind of mixing equipment is built with a U-shaped jacketed tank, and a manual discharging structure allows the operator could easily empty mixtures out of the tank.

  • Fully made of SS304.
  • Extremely easy to clean due to the full open top.
  • Idea for preparing dry powdered mixtures.
  • Castors for selection.
  • Rotatable tank for manually discharging products easily.
  • 100kg/200kg/300kg/500kg for selection.
200kg chocolate mixer machine

Cylindrical chocolate premixer

Cylindrical premixer is widely used in the industrial-scale chocolate industry, it can mix and prepare all chocolate ingredients before the conching and ball milling process thus accelerating the complete chocolate-making process.

  • Fully made of SS304.
  • A jacketed cylindrical tank allows hot water to flow inside.
  • A water circulation pump is attached for hot water self-circulation.
  • Immersed electric heaters are installed.
  • Loading hopper with hinged lids and safety protection bars.
  • Extra inverter to control external chocolate pump for delivering mixture to other equipment.
  • Optional variable speed motor.
  • 200kg/300kg/500kg/1000kg/2000kg for selection.
  • Optional bead blasting treatment.

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