Chocolate enrober machine is composed of chocolate enrober head and chocolate cooling tunnel, the entire chocolate enrobing line is widely used for evenly coating chocolate on foodstuffs. Chocolate decorating machine and nuts sprinkling machine are the most selected ancillary equipment to achieve more variable kind of products.

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Chocolate Enrober

Chocolate enrober machine is an excellent equipment designed for coating chocolate mass (compound chocolate or pure chocolate) on various kind of food like biscuit, wafer, cookie, cake, other sweets and fruits.

The sweets entering the chocolate enrober are transferred onto the wire mesh conveyor and pass under curtain of chocolate; there is an empty V-shape trough or trough fitted with a roller underneath the mesh conveyor to ensure controllable chocolate coating of the underside of the sweets.

The excess chocolate mass from the curtain falls through the wire mesh conveyor into a small movable jacketed chocolate tank, and is recirculated. For the pure chocolate mass, the chocolate delivering pipeline can also be re-designed for pumping back to chocolate de-crystallization equipment or chocolate holding tank and then re-tempered for next batch of production.

After the chocolate curtain, excess chocolate is forced off the product by an self-circulated air blower. The mesh conveyor after the air blower can be set at vibration accordingly to remove excess chocolate mass and to improve the appearance of coated products. Finally, there is a reverse rotation steel rod between the end of the mesh conveyor and the start of the cooling tunnel’s PU belt conveyor for cutting chocolate tails from the final products.

The chocolate covered products can be immediately delivered inside the tunnel and get packed after 10 to 30 minutes of cooling.

Equipped chocolate cooling tunnel can be customized in different length and width.

Different Models of Chocolate Enrober

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TC-200 Small Chocolate Enrober

This mini size chocolate enrober is built for small scale chocolate industries, the width of mesh conveyor is 200mm, and its ancillary cooling tunnel is 8 meters length (effective cooling area 6 meters length).

With this 200mm width conveyor, you could simply put 1 or 2 products per row, it’s the best option for small class chocolate enrobing if you have limited operation space and small production demand.

TC-400 & TC-600 Chocolate Enrober

TC-400 and TC-600 chocolate enrober are the best choice for the daily chocolate consumption on coating within 200-600kg, they are designed for these medium level production.

8-16 meters length cooling tunnel with 1-2 set of Copeland refrigerating system is the most selected options.

Extra mini granules sprinkling machine for spraying broken nuts and small chocolate stringer machine for ZigZag patterns decorating are provided as upgraded addons. They can be placed between chocolate enrober and cooling tunnel – we build the cooling tunnel with 0.5 to 1.5 meter length empty space at the entrance of tunnel.

With the mini sprinkling machine and chocolate stringer machine you can totally free your hands to decorate patterns and sprinkling nuts on top of the chocolate covered products.

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TC-800, TC-1000 and BIGGER Enrobers

TC-800, TC-900, TC-1000 or even bigger size chocolate enrober machines could attach with various length of cooling tunnel to meet the industrial scale chocolate covering production.

Exactly the same as TC400/TC600, these giant models can also equipped with granules sprinkling machines for spraying nuts on topside of chocolate shell.

Moreover, chocolate decorating machine is widely binded with them to improve various kind of geometric surfaces like zig-zag and double loops.

These models are the excellent options if you are eagering to expand your business.

Inside the Chocolate Enrober

Main parts inside the chocolate enrober head:

  • Stainless steel wire conveyor
  • Wire conveyor vibrating arm
  • Jacket structure mobile chocolate holding tank
  • Chocolate Pump
  • Chocolate coating device(Top/Bottom/Full side)
  • Water circulating pump
  • Adjustable air blower
  • Chocolate tails cutting rod
  • Extra heating elements to keep enrober head warm
  • Optional build-in chocolate stringer
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Enrober coating curtain

Curtain device has adjustable screws in both end which ensures operator can easily control the thickness of chocolate curtain during production.

Equipped Chocolate Cooling Tunnel

Chocolate enrobing line is equipped with a belt conveyor single layer chocolate cooling tunnel.

  • Customized belt width and length to suit your workshop.
  • Customized entrance and exit area for patterns decorating and seeds sprinkling.
  • High-efficient Emerson Copeland refrigerating system guarantees the excellent cooling results.

Sample products of Chocolate Enrobing System Machine


Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

Ferrero rocher type chocolate making system is composed of chocolate enrobing system, nuts sprinkling machine and wafer ball forming system


Chocolate covered Oreo Cookies

This production system is composed of chocolate enrober and chocolate decorator, it is suitable for most of the chocolate covered products manufacturing.