Chocolate stringer machine

Chocolate Decorating Machine

Chocolate decorating machine is designed for making various patterns on surface of the chocolate-covered products which comes from the chocolate enrober and ready to go inside the cooling tunnel.

It is normally built as an independent unit with a mobile chocolate storage tank sits on castors and pumping system attached on it, as an independent equipment it can be installed between the chocolate enrober and cooling tunnel, or be installed inside the enrober as an addon part – it doesn’t need a framework in this situation and can share the mesh conveyor of chocolate enrober. The stringer could also be mounted at cooling tunnel entrance directly as long as the drizzling amount be controlled gently.

With this chocolate decorating drizzle machine, you can get many patterns like, parallel lines, zig-zag,  oval, single and double loops.

Models of Chocolate Decorating Machine

stringer machine

Independent chocolate drizzler

With dozens of spraying nozzles movement, this compact decorating machine allows you to decorate various of patterns on surface of the foodstuffs. It could be dark, white or other colors as you wished.

  • One color at a time.
  • Zig-zag, single loop, double loops, straight line, etc
  • Independent control box attached
  • Independent chocolate supplying tank and pumping system
  • Built with wire conveyor, perfect for chocolate top-coated products
  • 400/600/800/1000/1200mm width for selection
Chocolate stringer sits on cooling tunnel

Stringer sitts on cooling tunnel

The stringer could be mounted on top of the tunnel entrance frame so as to decorate products directly even without an upstream equipment such as a chocolate enrober.

Mobile chocolate holding tank with a variable controlled mini chocolate pump could continuously deliver chocolate to the stringer nozzles, the decorating speed could be controlled freely to match with the tunnel belt speed.

Mobile chocolate tank

Mobile chocolate holding tank for the chocolate decorator, the machine sits on castors or a cart for easy transportation.

  • Jacketed holding tank
  • Mini chocolate delivery pump attached
  • Independent control box
  • Hot water pump attached


In most situations the chocolate stringer is associated with the chocolate enrobing line, and the stringer effective decorating width is determined by the enrober conveyor.

Chocolate enrobing line is specially built for producing chocolate covered products such as chocolate oreo cookies, chocolate marshmallows, chocolate covered fruits, etc

Nuts Sprinkling machine

Ancillary mini Sprinkle Machine

Mini sprinkle machine is most used for even spreading a variety of toppings over your product. Attach this machine over the infeed area (between the enrober and cooling tunnel) of your cooling tunnel, the toppings like chocolate chips, crushed nuts, non-pareils, coconut, colored sugar sprinklers, sesame, peanuts and other granules can be evenly sprinkled over the chocolate coated center, 

Chocolate strings sample

Chocolate stringer
Chocolate stringer