Cooling tunnel for chocolate

Chocolate Cooling Tunnel

Chocolate cooling tunnel is designed to cool various types of chocolate products and built entirely in SUS304 stainless steel, it can be produced in different conveyor width and length purpose to meet different customers’ requirements.


Transportation conveyor can be polyurethane belt, modular plastic belt or stainless-steel chain. The cooling process can be accurately controlled, thus the quality of final products guaranteed.

All lids of the cooling tunnel are jacketed structure with heat insulating materials inside the layer, and all lids have stainless steel supporting bars which ensures cleaning work even convenient.

Temperature and conveyor running speed can be easily controlled through the control panel.

  • Cooling tunnel conveyor width: 200-1600mm
  • Tunnel length: 6m-50m
  • Pneumatic belt auto-correcting system included
  • R22/R404A or other environment friendly refrigerant for selection
  • Jacketed heat preservation hoods

Different Chocolate Cooling Tunnels For Sale

Cooling tunnel for chocolate

Belt conveyor Cooling Tunnel

Belt conveyor cooling tunnel for chocolate, it has a food grade PU belt conveyor installed to carry the chocolate-coated foods, or other products with chocolate or caramel coated surface which can not be ruined before final shaping. It normally connect with Chocolate Enrobers.

Chocolate decoration zone on the feeding area and Collection zone on discharging end have no hoods covered so you can proceed chocolate decorating and sprinkling granules on the chocolate-coated products before cooling.

Chocolate decorator machine and Granules sprinkling machine are available add-ons for this production line.

Chain conveyor Cooling Tunnel

Different with the PU belt cooling tunnel, the stainless steel chain conveyor type cooling tunnel normally work with the semi-automatic chocolate moulding machine, which has no cooling device attached.

Stainless steel chain conveyor has enough space between each steel bars, this feature ensures all-dimensional cooling on the chocolate moulds, so you won’t need to worry about chocolate de-moulding process after cooling.

It is the best choice for cooling chocolate bars and pralines.

Same as the PU conveyor cooling tunnel, this type cooling tunnel can be customized in any width and length as well to suit your particular application.


Cooling tunnel for chocolate
Cooling tunnel for chocolate

Modular Plastic Conveyor Tunnel

Unique single layer plastic conveyor cooling tunnel for chocolate cooling, the conveyor is made of modular plastic belt, it is widely used in bakery industry.

  • Cooling tunnel temperature: 1-15 celsius degrees controllable
  • Conveyor delivering speed: 0.5-10 meters/min
  • Conveyor width range: 200mm-2400mm
  • Conveyor height to ground: 1000mm, could be customized
  • Refrigerant: R404A
  • Compressor: Emerson Copeland 3hp/5hp/8hp/10hp

Multiple layer Cooling Tunnel

An upgraded version of standard single layer Chain conveyor cooling tunnel, it has more layers inside which makes the cooling qualitative boosted.

It is built for cooling thick chocolate blocks, which have higher requirements on cooling.

You can also find it in fully automatic chocolate moulding machine, same structure but with an extra chocolate dispensing system attached.

Cooling tunnel for chocolate