chocolate panning machine

Chocolate Coating Machines

Chocolate coating machine, also known as chocolate panning machine, chocolate polishing machine or chocolate dragee machine. They are widely used to coat confectionery centers, nuts, almonds, drief fruit, hard or soft candy and barley malt extract with a hard chocolate or sugar shell.

All of the chocolate dragee coating machines are manufactured from full stainless steel construction, due to the simple design the machines are very easy to operate and maintain.

  • Hot/Cold air blower system for options, 5-8HP refrigerating unit attached.
  • Chocolate holding tanks, automatic delivering and spraying system for options.
  • The traditional compact chocolate coating machines are equipped with round stainless steel coating pans, diameter ranges from 200 to 1250mm that optimizes coatings of different output demand ranges from 1kg to 150kg per batch. Thanks to their compact structure, they can be placed everywhere at will.
  • Differs from the traditional panning machines, the new designed chocolate belt coater is with a giant rotary belt conveyor to continuously coat atomized chocolate coming from the top pneumatic chocolate spraying nozzles. It is ideal for big industrial scale production of Maltesers chocolate balls.

Features of Chocolate Panning Machines

chocolate coating machines

Standard Chocolate Panning Machine

Unique industrial level air conditioning system attached, it provides sufficient cold air inside the coating pans for fast chocolate shell forming purpose.

The refrigerating system can be placed next to the coating machines or moved outdoors to reduce potential food contamination, heat and noise.

  • Production capacity from 50 to 150kg per hour.
  • Coating pot rotation speed: 28rpm, variable speed controllable.
  • Extra pot heating lamp for selection.
  • Pot forward/reverse rotating functions

Compact Chocolate Coating system

We build this mini coating system for small/medium scale production. With multiple chocolate holding tanks and pumps attached, you can easily swift the chocolate from dark to white or from real chocolate to compound. Moreover, an independent portable air chiller allows you to swiftly cool down chocolate shell. 

Production capacity from 1kg to 50kg per hour.

chocolate coating machines
chocolate belt coating machine

Giant Chocolate Belt Coater Machine

  • Ideal for big production demand.
  • Production capacity from 100 to 400kg per hour.
  • Air source: 0.4-0.6mpa.
  • Refrigerating Unit: Emerson Copeland 5HP x 1 set

Maltesers Chocolate Core Depositor

For making Maltesers chocolate balls, the key process is using this core depositor machine to pre-form puffed malts cores. 

  • Production capacity: 60-80kg per hour.
  • Air source: 0.4-0.6mpa.
  • Quantity of Cores collecting trays: 1300pcs at least.
chocolate coating machine

Chocolate Storage Tank

Chocolate holding tank is made from full SUS304 stainless steel and available in a range of sizes from 5kg up to 3000kg capacites.

Chocolate Pump

Chocolate pump guarantees the chocolate continuously transferred from chocolate holding tanks to the chocolate spraying nozzles of the dragee coating machines.

chocolate pump