Chocolate chip depositor machines are perfect for industrial scale chocolate chips production, final chocolate chip weighs from 0.05gram to 3grams each, hourly capacity 100-1500kg per hour.

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Chocolate Chip Depositor

Traditonal pistons chocolate chip depositor machine has maximum 16 strokes per minute. It has equipped with a double-jacketed chocolate hopper which is manufactured in food grade stainless steel 304 material, Omron/Autonics temperature controller installed to maintain the hopper itself warm at the set value. The pistons are mounted on two supporting plates in each side of chocolate dispensing system, and they are controlled by two pneumatic cylinders or customized servo motors, so the forward and backward moving distance of pistons can be accurately controlled, thus the chocolate chips weight can be changed accordingly.

The rotary chocolate drops depositing line has a rolling device to evenly dispense chocolate on the belt. It is equipped with high-accuracy chocolate delivering pump to continuously supply chocolate inside the rolling device. This rotary drops deposing line is capable of producing 100-1500kg chocolates per hour as long as the cooling tunnel fits the line. 

Equipped cooling tunnel width ranges from 400mm to 1200mm. The length of cooling tunnel can be customized as required.

Features of Chocolate Chips Depositing Line

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DJ series Pistons Driving Chocolate Drop Depositor

Pistons driving chocolate chips depositor machine is the traditional type which is mostly selected for producing small chocolate chips with tails on top and chocolate coins. The small chocolate tail is dragged by the viscosity of the chocolate itself during the falling onto the belt conveyor. Extra chocolate chunks extruder and cutter attached on the entire line enables the continuously production of small chocolate chunks pieces.

A powerful belt lifting cylinder installed right under the chips depositor hopper, its movement is accurately associated with the cooling tunnel conveyor and chips depositing actions to form the chocolate chips and chocolate buttons.

The jacketed depositing hopper has enclosed with a hot water circulating system and fix speed chocolate mixing agitator to ensure the entire system warm and easy for cleaning chocolate out from the hopper while stop production.

Belt conveyor type chocolate cooling tunnel is equipped for immediately chocolate chips cooling purpose, customized length is available for adapting different size workshop.

Pistons driving type chips depositing line is ideal equipment if you have limited space left for this machine, it could be built as short as 8 meters only.

GDJ series Rotary Chocolate Drops Depositor

Rotation chocolate drops depositor is designed to meet the increased chocolate coins / Chocolate drops production demand.

GDJ series chocolate chips depositor has no traditional chocolate dispensing plate, it is built with a stainless steel rotary chocolate drops depositing roller with hundreds of cavities on the surface and a unique chocolate dispensing system inside the roller, chocolate mass could be evenly spread inside and the chocolate drips on the belt through the tiny cavities along with the roller’s rotation.

Thanks to the high efficiency of the rotary drops depositing system, the chips line is capable of producing 100-1500kg chocolate drops / chocolate buttons per hour.

GDJ series chip depositing line requires to attach a cooling tunnel minimum length 20 meters at least for full speed production, it needs much longer free space compared to the DJ series traditional piston driving chips depositing line.


GDJ600 rotary chocolate chip depositor
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Core Features of Rotary Chocolate Drops Depositor

  • Entire drops depositing head available for sliding in or out of the cooling tunnel entrance
  • Small 70~100kg capacity mobile chocolate reserving tank sits on castors.
  • Chocolate pump and delivering system attached.
  • Unique chocolate dispensing roller.
  • Unique chocolate scraping blade installed to prevent cavaties get blocked.
  • Flexable length of belt conveyor chocolate cooling tunnel to choose (Best with tunnel longer than 20 meters).

Mobile Chocolate Serving Tank

Belt Chocolate Cooling Tunnel

Final Chocolate Drops from the Chocolate Drops Depositor

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The Entire Production Line To Make Compound Chocolate Drops

Sugar Grinding Machine

Sugar is one content widely used in chocolate compound recipe. Granulated sugar is not suitable to use because it may stuck inside the gaps between lining bars of the chocolate conche and generate a big block stuck the discharging valve.

Using sugar grinder machine to crush the rough granulated sugar into 60-80 meshes powderd sugar in advance will prevent the conche machine from mechanical failure, and it will significantly reduce the refining duration.

Chocolate Melting Tank

Cocoa fat and chocolate block is solid at room temperature, it is a necessary process to melt the cocoa fat before delivering it into the chocolate conche machine, chocolate melanger and chocolate ball mill machine.

The chocolate melting tank is built with hot water flowing grid inside the cylinder and the jacketed stucture, thus the chocolate could be fast and evenly melted.

Chocolate Conching Machine

Chocolate conching machine is the core equipment in the chocolate making industry. Chocolate conche is built with dozens of blades mounted on the umbrella shape blades carrier and hundreds of thin lining bars on the inner wall of the conche’s cylinder.

The unique blades tensioning system will expand or shrink the umbrella blades carrier, the blades mounted on the carrier thus expand or shrink synchronously to contact or move away from the fixed lining bars. The continuously frictions between blades and lining bars can fine grind the chocolate raw materials into 20-25 microns.

Chocolate Storage Tank

Chocolate paste needs to be stored and continuously mixing for a better texture result, chocolate storage tank is built for this very purpose.

Each chocolate storage tank has a stirring paddle inside and the paddle is driven by a three-phase asynchronous motor, the motor could be mounted at topside of the lids or under the tank. Paddle continuously stirring at a certain speed and chocolate paste will be evenly mixed and this movement will get rid of the residual bad smell.

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Chocolate Pump

Chocolate delivering pump is one of the essential chocolate equipment used in the entire industrial scale chocolate production, it can transfer melted cocoa fat from the melting tank to the refining machines like chocolate conche and ball miller machine, from these refining equipment to the storate tanks and tempering machine, and finally deliver chocolate to the hoppers of chocolate molding line, chocolate chips depositing line, chocolate enrobing line and many other chocolate processing machines.

Chocolate Drops Depositing Line

Chocolate drops are deposited and formed shape by the automatic chocolate drops depositing line.

For the traditionally belt-lifting type chocolate chips depositing line, the chocolate pump will supply chocolate periodically inside the hoppers of chocolate drops depositor according to the signals coming from the chocolate detecting sensor. Chocolate will goes through the multiple layer dispensing plate and get deposited onto the belt conveyor.

For the new rotation chocolate drops depositing line, chocolate will be continuously delivered into the unique chocolate dispensing roller for forming drops directly on the moving belt conveyor.

Multihead Weighing & Vertical Packaging Machine

Z-shape products lifting machine is used to deliver the final chocolate drops on the multihead weigher machine.

The multihead weigher machine is capable of accurately weighing the chocolate drops at target weight and dosing them into the conical products collector on top of the vertical packaging machine.

Vertical packaging machine is capable of fast packaging the chocolate drops and sealing the bags.

A small bags deliver conveyor connected under the vertical wrapping machine will transfer the bags to the downstream carton packing system.

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