medium vertical chocolate ball mill machine

Chocolate Ball Mill REFINER Machine

Chocolate ball mill refining machine is designed for continuously fine milling chocolate cream or similar oil-based products. Chocolate mass will be homogeneously ground into 15 to 25 microns in the double jacketed steel cylinder. The temperature controller will precisely control the immersed electric heater status and external cold water replenishment to ensure the entire chocolate ball milling process all set at target temperature.

Chocolate ball mill refiner machines plays the similar role as the chocolate conche refiners in chocolate production industry, but it is designed with different chocolate grinding method. The conching refiner machines grind chocolate paste through regular frictions between 30-50 pieces Mn65 or higher level steel blades and 400-700 pieces lining bars, however the chocolate ball mill refiners grind chocolate through the irregular frictions between hundreds kilograms of steel balls. 

Ball mill machines could be customized for artisans and industrial scale production. Artisan scale ball millers are built in batch type so they are capable of woring as independent equipment. Industrial scale ball mill refiners need to be combined work with the chocolate conches or chocolate holding tanks for forming a circulation of chocolate mass through the chocolate pump’s delivery, the entire chocolate conching and refining process could be shorten into 2-4 hours per batch only.

small chocolate ball mill

Lab Chocolate ball mill

QM20 laboratory size table-top small chocolate ball miller is ideal equipment for developing chocolate formulas. 

Steel lid on top easy to be removed, it ensures you could observe the entire ball milling process in real-time.

Jacketed structure allows free flow of cold tap water, extra heating element installed the jacket so you can easily control the temperature through Omron/Autonics brand temperature controller coupled.

Medium Ball Mill Refiner

Specially built to meet the medium scale chocolate production, they are idea equipment for fast milling chocolate paste at 100kg to 500kg per batch.

Entire ball milling process shall be significantly accelerated and smooth final chocolate texture guaranteed while extra ancillary equipment attached, such as the chocolate pump, magnetic filter and jacketed pipeline, so as to build a complete chocolate self-circulated system.

medium vertical chocolate ball mill machine
500KG chocolate ball mill machine 1

Low Speed Ball Mill

Vertical-stand low speed QM1000 chocolate ball milling machine. Specially built for medium large chocolate making industry.

  • Heavy duty motor mounted on top
  • White painted steel frame as default or customized fully SS304 frame with bead blasting treatment
  • Jacket water replenishing tank attached inside
  • Jacketed grinding barrel with immerged electric heating elements
  • Knobs control or Schneider/Siemens PLC/HMI control
  • Strong stirring shaft with paddles for driving 500-650kg steel balls

Conche - Ball Miller combined System

  • Production capacity: 1000kg/batch in 3-4 hours
  • Entire Ball mill – Conche compact combined system is composed of Chocolate Conching Refiner, Strong Magnetic Filter, Chocolate Pump, Low speed industrial Chocolate Ball Mill and Jacketed pipeworks.
  • High pressure lobe chocolate pump for selection, ideal option for high sugar content compound chocolate mass fine grinding purpose.
Chocolate ball mill conche refiner
Chocolate ball milling system

Fast Chocolate Ball Miller

  • Hourly production capacity: 900-1000 kg/hour
  • Entire ball milling system is composed of Chocolate Ball Mill Machine, Strong magentic filter, Chocolate Pump, Circulating Tank, Pre-mixing Tank / Chocolate Conche, 5HP Water Chiller.
  • Ball mill machine main motor: 55kw
  • Power consumption: 100kw/hour
  • Steel balls weight: 1200kg