Chocolate ball mill machine is ideal chocolate paste fine milling equipment, it is with smart design and compact structure thus guarantees the final products with extremely smooth texture.


Chocolate Ball Mill Machine

Chocolate ball mill refining machine is designed for milling chocolate cream or similar oil-based products by the continuously frictions between high quality 6-8mm steel balls. Chocolate mass will be homogeneously ground into 20 to 25 microns in the double jacketed steel cylinder. The temperature controller will precisely control the heating and cold water supplying process to ensure the entire chocolate ball milling process running at the target temperature.

The chocolate ball refining grinder plays the similar roles as the chocolate conching machines in chocolate production industry but they are working in different grinding method. The conching machines grind chocolate paste by 30-50 pieces blades and 400-600 pieces ling bars, while the chocolate ball mill grind chocolate by the hundreds kilograms of steel balls. They can work together on the other hand to accelerate the grinding process into 2-4 hours a batch of 1000kg or even mor chocolate mass.

Chocolate ball milling machines can be customized for artisans and industrial scale production. Artisan scale ball millers are built in batch type which can work independently, the industrial ball millers need to combined work with the chocolate conches for forming a circulation of chocolate mass through the chocolate pump’s delivery.


Lab Chocolate ball mill machine

Laboratory size table top small chocolate ball millers, the best choice for deleloping formulas. 

Transparent lid on top ensures you can observe the whole milling process in real-time.

Jacketed machine body allows free flow of cold tap water, Extra heating element installed the jacket so you can easily control the temperature through Omron/Autonics brand temperature controller coupled.

5L/20/50L/100L small chocolate ball millers for selection.

New Industrial chocolate ball mill

The modern type of chocolate ball milling machines, with a heavy duty 45kw motor mounted on top, Siemens/ABB brand motors are available for selection.

Working with the 500L/1000L chocolate conching refiner to reduce the time spent on the entire chocolate fine grinding from more than 12 hours to 3 or 4 hours only.

Strong magnetic filter attached in this conch-ball miller system for removing tramp iron from chocolate mass inside the pipelines.

Chocolate pump is installed between the conching refiner and the ball miller for driving the chocolate flow to complete the entire fine grinding cycle.


500L/1000L traditional ball miller

They are traditional type ball milling machines with two cylinders attached – one for chocolate milling with plenty of stainless steel balls inside, the other one for temporarily saving chocolate mass and ready for further milling.

Different from the modern vertical-standing ball mill machines, these models come with integrated chocolate pump inside that creates a chocolate flow cycle itself, so there is no need to work with conching refiners. 

Due to its low power consumption and lower rotation speed of the main shaft, this type ball milling machines consume more time than the vertical standing ball millers. 

Combined Chocolate Ball Mill System

  • Totally new designed chocolate ball milling system for sale.
  • Entire milling system is composed of chocolate conching machine, strong magnetic filter, chocolate pump, new industrial chocolate ball mill.
  • Fully 304 stainless steel built chocolate ball mill machine for selection.
  • High pressure and lifting ability lobe chocolate pump for selection, ideal choice for high sugar content chocolate mass grinding.