HOT SALE Chocolate Making Machines

chocolate molding line

Chocolate bars depositor

Semi-auto or Fully-auto chocolate moulding machines. Ideal chocolate production line for continuously making solid bars, central filled chocolates, coins, balls, and blocks.

chocolate enrobing line

Chocolate Enrobing Line

We offer mini chocolate enrober and industrial scale chocolate enrobing lines for different capacities demand. The best selling chocolate machinery in our product range.


Chocolate Chips Machine

Chocolate chips with tails on top / chocolate drops / Chocolate coins are formed by Traditional chocolate chips depositor / Rotation chocolate drop depositor.

cooling tunnel for chocolate

Cooling Tunnel

Chocolate cooling tunnel is built for cooling all kinds of chocolate products within 5-50 minutes depends on different chocolate formulas and specific requirements.

QML300 Vertical chocolate ball mill

Vertical Ball Mill

We build this vertical stand chocolate ball mill machine to combined work with our conching machine to reduce the total chocolate grinding duration into 3-4 hours only.

small chocolate conche refining machine 500kg

Universal Conching Refiner

The core chocolate fine grinding equipment in chocolate making industry, chocolate mass will has smooth texture and good smell after 8-20 hours continuously conching process.

Chocolate tempering machine

Choco Tempering Machine

Chocolate tempering machine is the most important equipment for natural flavor chocolate production, chocolate will becomes stable crystal after proper tempering.

BW1000 Chocolate holding tank for 1000kg per batch

Chocolate Holding Tank

Chocolate tank is widely used for temporarily saving the fine ground chocolate paste, tank capacity ranges from 50L to 5000L, customized capacity is available.

chocolate coating pan

Chocolate Coating Machine

Chocolate coating pan has different size of rotating pots to suit various chocolate coating purpose, it is the core machine for making Maltesers type chocolate products.

Other Chocolate Making Machines For Sale

small chocolate conche refiner

Aritisan Machines

Artisan chocolate are big picture of the entire chocolate making industry, therefore we keep making mini size chocolate machines to fit small capacities demand.

500kg chocolate mixer machine

Chocolate Premixer

Chocolate premixing machine is for fast mixing all raw chocolate ingredients evenly before loading them to chocolate conching machine or ball mill machine.

chocolate melting tank

Chocolate Melting Tank

Cocoa butter is solid at room temperature, this chocolate melting tank can rapidly melt large blocks of cocoa fat for further chocolate conching purpose.

Chocolate eggs spinning machine

Hollow Chocolate Spinner

Hollow chocolate spinner is built for making hollow chocolates, with two rotating arms installed, each arm equipped with four claws to catch hollow chocolate moulds tightly.

chocolate transfer pump

Chocolate Pump

Chocolate delivering pump is another most used equipment in chocolate making industry, it will free the labors and prevent pollution if chocolate deliverd manually.


Chocolate Mould

We design and build the polycarbonate chocolate mold to meet your specific chocolate bar making demand, MOQ 50pcs for existing mold or 200pcs for new mold.


Nuts Sprinkling Machine

Same as chocolate decorating machine, sprinkling machine is an ancillary machine for chocolate enrobing machine to spread granules on chocolate dipped products.


Sugar Grinder

Sugar is sometimes used in chocolate making, raw sugar should be ground into 80 meshes sugar powder so it won't gather into blocks to damge the blades inside conche.

Automatic chocolate dipping line

Pocky Dipping Line

Biscuit sticks chocolate dipping line is designed for making chocolate coated biscuit sticks like Pocky sticks. Semi-automatic or fully automatic line are available for choice

chocolate stringer

Chocolate Stringer

Combined work with chocolate enrober, the chocolate decorating machine can generate various kind of geometric patterns on top of chocolate covered foodstuffs.


Cocoa Processing Machines

Complete set of chocolate making machines from bean to bar, including cocoa processing machines, chocolate processing machines and packaging systems.

mini chocolate melanger

Nibs stone grinder

Table-top designed stone grinder machine, ideal for small scale chocolate production, chocolate recipes development, compact structure, no metal debris left in chocolate.

Advantages of THESE Chocolate Making Machines

Over 30+ years, MK food machinery insists on manufacturing top quality chocolate machines with reasonable prices and excellent aftersales service.

We offer you a turn-key chocolate making solution, from chocolate raw mixtures processing like cocoa fat melting, chocolate conching, chocolate tempering and chocolate depositing to final products automatic chocolate packaging solutions. Moreover, we have various of optional ancillary equipment to meet your particular needs.

All of our chocolate machines are built in food grade materials, the smart design and compact structure gurantees you the ease of daily operation.

MK FOOD MACHINERY® products are well sold all over China, United States and other 60+ countries and regions. Regardless of what we have achieved before, we still strive to creat new and innovative chocolate making ideas for our customers.

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