Chocolate dragee machine completed

7 set of chocolate dragee machines have been completed this week.

Chocolate dragee machine, also known as chocolate panning machine, chocolate polishing machine or sugar coating machine in other regions, it is specially built for coating chocolate, sugar syrup or any other materials with a certain viscosity on the surface of stable cores like nuts and malt extract mixtures, etc.

The most popular chocolate coated products are Maltesers produced by Mars Chocolate in United States, and Mylikes produced by LiangFeng Food in China. They are all made with malt extract mixtures core inside and chocolate shell outside.

For these customized 7 chocolate dragee machine, we have installed 6pcs steel ribs to help mix centers inside the pot, and extra Schneider brand VFD installed inside the control box which ensures the pot able to forward/reverse rotating in variable speed. Moreover, independent air cooling carbinet will be installed for supplying cold air inside the pot if it is necessary during production.