50kg small lab chocolate conche to Venezuela

One more customized 220volts-60hz-3phase 50L laboratory chocolate conche machine has been delivered weeks ago to Venezuela. Thanks for your trust, Alfredo!

50L conche refiner is the best choice for fine grinding raw chocolate recipes by batchs, it could be loaded with 10 to 50kg chocolate at a time, 8-12 hours later you will get smooth and great flavor chocolate mass with 20-25 microns only.

And thanks to the hinged front cover, it’s really easy for removing out residual chocolate after production.

Same as the other size chocolate conche refiners, it has a city water replenishing pipework installed, two valves to adjust the water flowing – An automatic electromagnetic valve for continuously water feeding during the whole fine grinding process if it is necessary, and a manual valve for initial or spared water feeding if the electromagnetic valve failed to work.

With the hand wheel, operator can  adjust the tension level of the blades by pushing toward the wheel and holding it on hands while the motor running, once the desired blades tension level reached, simply pull the wheel outward, easy to go.

We offer customized Sound blanket, air blower and magnetic filters as upgrade parts for selection, contact us freely if you want to know more about this little conche.