Chocolate chips depositor for domestic customer

One more chocolate chips depositor machine has been delivered and installed for our customer this week in Henan, China.

This traditional pistons driving type chocolate drops depositor is specially built for making 0.1 gram chips with tiny chocolate tails on top. A unique designed chocolate dispensing plate with a thousand of nozzles is attached on the chips depositor, it could be pull out easily for cleaning and replacement. 

The drop depositor sits on the cooling tunnel entrance, chocolates will be deposited directly on the belt and then transferred to the cooling tunnel. Belt conveyor under the drop depositor head could be lifted up and down to drag out the tiny chocolate tails.

The entire chocolate drop making line is 11 meters length, effective cooling area 8 meters with heat insulation hoods covered, one set 8HP Emerson Copeland air cooling system attached. Entire chocolate chips making line is built in SUS304 stainless steel, the conveyor adopts food grade PU belt.

We offer two type of chocolate chips machine: Traditional pistons driving type chips depositing line and New designed rotary drops depositor. They give you a wide range of chocolate chips productivity from 50kg small chips to 800kg per hour for big chocolate buttons.

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