strong magnetic filter

Strong chocolate filter

Chocolate grinding equipment has a high possibility of generating numerous metal debris, this strong magnetic filter is capable of grabbing those tiny metal contents inside the jacketed chocolate delivering pipeline while chocolate flows around its magnetic bars.

This magnetic trap is the core sanitary device in the current chocolate delivery system, it is built with a jacketed body that allows warm water flows inside its jacket structure to keep chocolate warm, the strong magnetic bars are installed on its top lid, which could be removed easily by unlocking the top clamps, the lid could be fixed by bolts as well if there is no frequently cleaning demand.

Features of the Strong Magnetic Trap

Filter magnetic bars
  • Removable top lid with magnet bars attached.
  • The top lid is sealed by a clamp or fixed by bolts.
  • Rubber seal installed to prevent chocolate leakage.
  • Jacketed structure for keeping chocolate warm
  • Optional single wall builds for other liquids.
  • DN40 / 1.5inches inlet and outlet for quick connecting to existing devices or pipelines.
  • Customized inlet/outlet as per your particular design.
  • Ideal for installing it at the chocolate discharging valve of chocolate refining conche machine and chocolate ball miller machine. Or install it in the mobile chocolate serving tank.
  • Magnet bars are made of neodymium iron material.
  • Magnet bars magnetic¬†induction 6000-12000 gauss.
  • Magnet bars could be replaced easily from the top lid
strong magnetic bars