We provide auxiliary equipment to complement your existing production line and realize the closed-loop automatic operation, such as sanitary stainless steel pipework for connecting all of the chocolate making machines; water chilling equipment for the chocolate molding line, chocolate enrobing line and cooling tunnel; magnetic filter for those chocolate refining equipment like universal chocolate conche and chocolate ball miller; air chiller for chocolate dragee machines; and many more customized equipment.

Chocolate transfer pipework

Jacketed pipework

Jacketed sanitary chocolate delivering pipes, elbow, T-way, valves, etc

mini chocolate melanger

Cacao nibs stone grinder

Fine refining cacao nibs, table-top designed structure, optional castors.

Strong magnetic filter

Magnetic filter for Chocolate

Jacketed strong magnetic filter, specially used for trapping metal debris

water cooling tower

Water cooling tower

For continuously supplying 20-28 degrees water into water-chilled refrigerating unit.

mobile water chiller

Water chiller

Built with air-chilling refrigerating unit for supplying 5-16 degrees water.

Mobile air chiller

Mobile air cooler

Ideal for fast blowing cold air into regular chocolate dragee machines

3 roll mill for chocolate

3 Roll refiner

Universal grinding chocolate, jams, fillings and for many other applications

Cacao nibs grinder

Cacao nibs grinder

Rapid grinding cacao nibs into rough chocolate paste

Molded chocolates vibrating table

Vibrating table

Table-top designed for fast eliminating air bubbles from molded chocolates