Experienced Chocolate Machinery Supplier

MK Food Machinery has been sucessfully supplying entire chocolate making machines and chocolate packaging machines for over 30 years, we offer you the turnkey chocolate making solutions.


cooling tunnel for chocolate

Chocolate Cooling Tunnel

Chocolate cooling tunnel is built for cooling all kinds of chocolate products within 5-50 minutes depends on the different chocolate formulas and specific recipe requirements.

chocolate molding line 21052103

Chocolate Moulding Machine

Semi-automatic or fully-automatic chocolate moulding machines for sale, they are ideal equipment for producing chocolate bar, chocolate block and filled chocolates.

chocolate enrober 21052103

Chocolate Enrober

Mini chocolate enrober and Industrial scale chocolate enrobing lines are offered for different demand. The best selling chocolate machinery in our product range.


Chocolate Chips Depositor

Tiny chips with tails on top / chocolate drops / Chocolate coins could be evenly formed by our traditional chocolate chips depositor and rotation chocolate drops depositor.


Universal Conche Refiner

The core chocolate fine grinding equipment in chocolate making industry, chocolate mass has smooth texture and good smell after 10-20 hours continuously conching process.

chocolate ball mill machine

Chocolate Ball Mill Refiner

Chocolate ball mill machine is designed to work with chocolate conche to accelerate the industrial scale chocolate grinding process from 10+ hours to 4 hours only

chocolate holding tank 21052103

Chocolate Holding Tank

Chocolate tank is widely used for temporarily saving the fine ground chocolate paste, tank capacity ranges from 50L to 3000L, customized capacity is available.

chocolate coating pan 21052103

Chocolate Coating Machine

Chocolate coating machines are ideal for coating sugar, glaze, wax and chocolate shell on various kind of confectionery products. Core machine for making Maltesers.



MK food machinery loves to play its roles in continuously providing exquisite service to the entire chocolate making industry since 1980s, we are proud to be a small piece of the chocolate making world!

We are committed to be aware of the new mechanical technology and chocolate marketing trends, and this drives us to create and build more efficient products. Working with us you will get a faithfully partner to see your dream becomes reality. Together we make the world better!


We provide all kind of chocolate making machines, including cocoa bean processing, cocoa fat melting, chocolate mixing, chocolate conching, holding, chocolate tempering, chocolate depositing, chocolate enrobing, dipping, patterns decorating, and chocolate auto packaging, etc.

Besides those machines, we also manufacture customized chocolate making equipment to suit particular requirements of different clients as well, we strive to provide each one of you with the excellent service from the very beginning.

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"Machines installation is guided online, after-sales service from MaoKe team is excellent, i highly recommend them."
"I have worked with AP for 8 years and i would like to thank him personally for his technical support and service."
"The chocolate enrober was a breeze to set up and we were in production ahead of schedule. Thank you, AP!"