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We offer all the chocolate machines, from cocoa bean processing to chocolate grinding, tempering, depositing, enrobing and final packaging.


Chocolate Grinding Machine

chocolate grinding machine, also know as chocolate refiner conche, is widely used for fine grinding high quality chocolate products. This universal equipment performs the function of a sugar mill, cocoa mill, pre-mixer, refiner and conche, all in the one machine.

Its low energy requirement, minimal floor space footprint and many other benefits ensure it provides outstanding service in the manufacture of high quality chocolate products.

JM series chocolate conching refiners have a hot water jacket body that is fitted with lining bars on its inner side, the lining bars and blades are all manufactured from high quality 65 Mn spring steel, they can break down all the ingredients into less than 25 microns particles, which guarantee the chocolate texture even smoother.

Models of Chocolate grinding machines


JM50 Lab chocolate conche

This small chocolate conching machine has a batch capacity of 50kg, however, it can be run with as little as 20kg of product, making it the ideal size for laboratory production or small scale chocolate formula development.

Standard 50kg lab conche is fitted with a ball valve, hand wheel for increasing and decreasing blades pressure, electric immersion heater, 2.2kw main drive motor, PT-100 temperature sensor and Omron temperature controller. Electric extract fan and sound reduction blanket are available in upgraded version.  

In the new version of this small conche, we build it with hinged delivery end for easy cleaning.

Cold water feed and return lines will required to connected to this machine for cooling purpose when it’s necessary. The cold water consumption of JM50 is 100-150 litres per hour.

JM500 Chocolate conche refiner

For most medium chocolate factories, the daily chocolate production capacity ranges from 500kg to 2000kg only, JM500 chocolate conche is the best option for this level chocolate making.

We manufacture two types of this model conche, traditional conche with heavy duty worm-wheel transmission component, and new kind of low energy consumption conche with gear-box transmission, whose price is also much affordable.


JM1000 and bigger Conche

JM1000 and bigger size conches are built for real large scale chocolate making business. They’re your ideal option if you don’t have enough space to install too many standard JM500 conches.