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Chocolate Chips Machine

Chocolate chips machine is designed to produce chocolate chips of 0.1 grams to 3 grams with 20 strokes per minute. The body of this chocolate chips depositing machine has double-jacketed hopper manufactured in food grade stainless steel 304 material.

Chocolate flow pushing pistons are mounted on two supporting plates in each side of chocolate dispensing system, and they are driven by two pneumatic cylinders / servo motors, so the forward and backward moving distance of pistons can be controlled, thus the chocolate chips weight can be changed accordingly.

Chocolate chips will deposit on top of the food grade belt conveyor whose width ranges from 400mm to 1200mm. The width and length of cooling tunnel can be customized as required.

Features of Chocolate Chips Machine


Belt-lifting Chips Depositor

Belt conveyor-lifting chocolate chips depositor is the traditional type which mostly used for depositing chips with chocolate tails on top. The small tail is dragged by the viscosity of the chocolate itself during the falling of the belt conveyor.

  • Pistons can be individually adjusted where necessary.

  • Depositor head is equipped with a belt lifting device to deposit/form pointed items or to tear off the deposited tail on viscous materials.

  • The jacketed depositing hopper has enclosed a hot water circulating system.

  • Attached with a food grade belt conveyor cooling tunnel for chips cooling purpose, and its length can be customized for adapting different length of workshop.

Drum-Rolling type Chips Depositor

Rolling type chocolate chips depositing machine is new designed for the increasing production requirements.

Unlike the belt-lifting chips depositor, this one has no traditional chocolate dispensing plate, instead of that, there’s a round rolling drum with lots of cavities on surface and a unique chocolate dispensing system inside the drum. With this rolling drum, chocolate can be evenly spread inside and the chocolate drips on the belt through the small cavities along with the drum’s rotation.

Due to the high efficiency of the rolling and dispensing system, this depositor has a hourly output over 250kg.



Final Chocolate Chips coming from cooling tunnel