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One of the oldest chocolate machine manufacturer in China

History of MK Food Machinery

Suzhou MK Food Machinery CO., LTD (MK Machinery) is a professional chocolate machine factory located at Suzhou, China.

In 1988, our founder resigned from a state-owned food machinery factory and built a completely new and passionate team to carry on researching the chocolate machines. 

Over 30 years, MK Food Machinery insists on manufacturing the top class chocolate equipment and researching the advanced food technologies in this industry, we cooperated with many reputed food industries, food scientific enterprises and institutes to make continuous improvements of the chocolate machine in order to provide the best chocolate making solutions. 

Our chocolate machines are sold all over China, North Africa, Southeast Asia, European, Middle East, South America and United States. We still strive to creat new and innovative ideas for our customers.

Eventually, none of these is possible without the consistent commitment and dedication shown by everyone of MK Chocolate Machinery family: our technicians, workers, sales persons, as well as local and international marketers who continuously distribute our machines worldwide. So if you would like to experience MK machinery’s sensational products, just contact us at






Most Popular

– Chocolate Conche (50/500/1000/2000/3000kg)

– Chocolate Ball Miller (50/200/500/1000kg)

– Chocolate Holding Tanks  (50-3000kg)

– Chocolate Tempering Machine (60/250/500kg)

– Chocolate Enrober (200-2400mm conveyor width)

– One Shot Chocolate Depositor

– Chocolate Chips Depositor (Chips/Buttons/Drops)

– Chocolate Cooling Tunnel (Belt/ Chain conveyor)

– Pocky stick chocolate dipping line

– Chocolate Sprinkler

– Chocolate Decorator

– Chocolate Coating Machine

– Chocolate Polycarbonate Moulds

– Chocolate Foil Wrapping Machine

Basic Equipment

– Cocoa Butter Melting Tank (Round or Rectangular shape)

– Sugar Powder Grinder

– Chocolate Cereal Bar Depositor

– Manual Chocolate Moulding Machine (10/30kg)

– Hollow Chocolate Spinner

– Rock Chocolate Crushing Machine (Irregular stone chocolate)

– Chocolate Bean Roller Forming Machine

– Maltesers Chocolate Machine

– Chocolate Coin Embossing Machine

– Chocolate Coin Packaging Machine

– Chocolate Delivery Pump

– SUS Jacketed Chocolate delivery Pipeworks

– Cocoa processing machines

– Chocolate flow pack wrapping Machine